If you plan to get your office professionally cleaned, you might need help figuring out where to start. A cleaning schedule is a great way to start, as it helps you better understand your business’s cleaning needs. While it can be overwhelming to plan one, following a customised cleaning plan for your business is crucial. 

A cleaning schedule helps keep your office clean and organised, which is essential for your business’s success and your employees’ productivity. Even for clients and visitors, a clean office will leave a lasting and positive impression on your business. 

This article will explore how to create a customised cleaning plan for your office that will help you and your employees stay organised, efficient, and productive.

Assess Office’s Cleaning Needs

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Knowing what needs to be done is the key to creating a cleaning schedule tailored for your office. When you consider certain factors, it will be easier to envision what the plan may look like for your office and the cleaners.

By doing so, you can also figure out if special equipment or cleaning supplies are required. To further assess your office’s cleaning needs to create a cleaning schedule, read more below on other factors to consider.

Seasonal and Special Event Cleaning

An essential part of customising a cleaning plan is considering seasonal and special event cleanings. 

Compared to daily or weekly cleaning, seasonal cleanings are more thorough and tackle aspects of your space that may require more time and effort by professional cleaners. Tasks like arranging and cleaning furniture, decluttering files and papers, and other more demanding tasks are considered seasonal cleanings.

Also, remember to include special event cleaning into your cleaning schedule if there are certain events where your office expects more company. Planning helps as you will not worry about rushing to get the space clean and instead arrive at an already clean and organised office on the day itself.

Determine the Frequency of Cleaning

When planning your cleaning schedule, determine how often you want your office to be cleaned. Some cleaning tasks can be done daily, like throwing out trash and cleaning food pantries and eating spaces, while some may need to be done monthly.

It’s easier to figure out a cleaning schedule customised for your office when the frequency of each cleaning task is determined, like sorting out daily, monthly, and seasonal tasks. It also lets you and your employees know when to expect professional cleaning services at the office without disrupting their productivity.

Get Employee Involvement and Feedback

Ensure everyone in the office is involved in creating a cleaning schedule, whether you’re a manager, a team leader, a new hire, or an intern. You should work together as a team instead of letting one person handle most of the planning. It also builds unity, rapport, and trust across your team when you know what the office needs. 

With involvement from you and your employees, you get feedback on what needs to be done and what can be improved. Your office environment will not only be clean and organised, but your employees will also feel like they are equally vital to the success of your business or organisation.

Consider The Budget

When contracting professional cleaners, consider your budget for the service. While some offices may only employ cleaners for seasonal cleanings, others may leave all cleaning tasks to a professional team.

However, your choices are all dependent on your budget. If your budget can cover every cleaning task in your cleaning schedule, from daily to seasonal tasks, go for it. Ultimately, investing in a professional office cleaning service is worth it to boost productivity by maintaining a clean and safe environment at all times.

Partner with Professional Cleaning Contractors

Now that you understand what to consider when planning your cleaning schedule, you will need to partner with a professional cleaning contractor to get your office cleaned, sanitised, and organised.

While getting it done by yourself is possible, it may take too much time and effort. This is why business owners and property managers often contract professional cleaning services to clean their spaces. 

Other than saving time and effort in cleaning your office, there are other benefits to hiring external help. Read more to learn the benefits of partnering with professional cleaning contractors to follow your office’s cleaning plan.

Offers Customise Cleaning Services

While there are various cleaning service packages available in Singapore, sometimes your business needs may require a cleaning service that is more customisable to your business needs. Partnering with professional cleaning contractors should allow the level of customisation that you’re looking for.

When you partner with professional cleaning services, your needs are a priority. They should be able to provide custom cleaning services tailored to your specific needs. For example, if your office doesn’t need a pantry cleaning service on certain days, you can opt out of it when customising a cleaning schedule for your office.

Flexibility and Adaptation

Professionals who offer customized services are flexible and adaptable to your needs, plans, and schedules. For example, you can have your office cleaned after working hours if that’s the best option for your office, as they work according to your schedule.

With a professional office cleaning service, you can decide the frequency of cleaning, the specific areas that need more attention, and other demanding or specific cleaning tasks for them. They provide flexibility and adaptability so you get exactly what services you’re paying for.

Looking for Professional Commercial Cleaning Services in Singapore?

Investing in professional office cleaning services is worth it in ensuring your space is clean and well-maintained. It is an essential step for the success of your organisation and the safety and productivity of your staff and clients.

At Conrad Maintenance Services, we emphasise the importance of comprehensive commercial cleaning in our services. Our team of professionals are trained and skilled to help you have a spotless and squeaky-clean office. Contact us today, and let us help you tailor our services to your specific needs.

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