The well-being and efficiency of your employees greatly depend on your ability to keep your workplace clean and tidy. While commercial cleaning services provide regular upkeep, maintaining office hygiene between visits is just as important. 

In this post, we’ll look at practical strategies and suggestions companies can employ to maintain hygiene standards, promote a healthy work environment, and support commercial cleaning services. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some practical ways to keep your office clean between commercial cleaning visits. 

Establish A Hygiene Policy 

Try establishing a policy on hygiene that explains to staff what you want from them in terms of maintaining a clean environment. This policy could motivate employees to be more accountable.

Another option is to create a daily cleaning plan that staff members must adhere to. Establishing a policy like this could inform customers that your company takes cleanliness seriously. 

This will help your employees and customers because it demonstrates your commitment to excellence.  

Educate Employees On Cleanliness 

Creating a culture of accountability and hygiene in the workplace is an essential part of educating staff members about cleanliness. This is more than just being tidy; it’s about teaching people how their activities affect the group’s welfare as a whole.

Giving staff members thorough instructions on the following encourages them to take an active role in maintaining a clean workplace:

  • Proper hand washing
  • Desk arrangement
  • Disposing of waste
  • Shared space etiquette

These procedures are reinforced by frequent training sessions, educational signage, and open lines of communication, which foster a shared commitment to workplace hygiene.

Take Trash Out Daily

putting trash into trash bin

Establish a policy requiring trash removal at the conclusion of each workday. It is critical not to let your waste accumulate too much because it can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Even though it may not be enjoyable, taking out the trash is an essential part of keeping your workplace tidy. A cleaning crew can be hired to remove the trash every day.

If you own a small business, you should create a roster that specifies who is in charge of certain jobs, like taking out the garbage. This fosters a culture of accountability among staff members for upholding office cleanliness.

Make A Point To Recycle 

Sustainability is getting more attention as people’s awareness of the environment has grown. As a result of this progress, individuals are now more conscious of recycling wherever it is practical. Professional office environments can recycle because they typically produce a lot of paper.

Therefore, don’t just save all of your old paperwork and newspapers in your back office. Recycle them if possible. In addition to saving up on storage, you’ll be doing your part for the environment.  

Determine Areas With High Traffic And High Touch

To maintain hygiene and stop the spread of germs, high-traffic areas, desks, and other surfaces need to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

Though it’s usually best to pay extra attention to these areas during cold and flu season, you should never let your guard down in today’s health-conscious world. For the best results, always clean and maintain places that get a lot of use and touch.

The benefits of maintaining staff health and minimising sick leave can ultimately outweigh the higher expenses associated with a strict cleaning schedule.

Prohibit Food in Specific Areas 

Establish explicit policies on food and drink in designated locations to prevent food spills and particles that could contaminate products, work, and equipment and possibly endanger people’s safety.

In your full cleaning plan, make sure to include areas where people may bring food and drinks, like: 

  • Break rooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Individual cubicles

Regular monitoring is required whenever food and drink are allowed since leftover food, crumbs, and packaging can attract pests and promote bacterial growth even when disposed of in wastebaskets.

Incorporate Air Fresheners 

Using air fresheners can help maintain a fresh scent in your workspace. The ability to smell is one of the strongest human senses. Hence, a pleasant scent can uplift your spirits and foster a great work environment for both your staff and clients.

Additionally, fresheners aid in masking or getting rid of any residual odour from dirt bins. For best results, make sure there is plenty of airflow in any rooms or buildings where you use air fresheners. So try to keep the windows open as much as you can. Alternatively, keep your air conditioner on to circulate the air around.  

Make Organisation A Priority

files and office stationaries organized on white shelf

It is crucial to have an effective filing system if your business handles a large number of files.

To avoid misplacing essential papers, have a good filing system. Additionally, it makes it easier to find important or useful documents.

This organising approach works for things like office supplies and cleaning products. Ensure everything is well arranged, and each item in your office has a designated spot. 

Stock Up On Cleaning Supplies For Emergencies 

Set up specific storage locations for PPE and cleaning supplies, and make sure that stocks are regularly monitored and refilled. To prevent the spread of disease, rapidly clean up spills, and maintain general cleanliness and safety in your workplace. 

It is vital that all employees have access to products that may be required, such as: 

  • Paper towels
  • Surface cleaners
  • Hand sanitisers
  • Gloves
  • Masks

Hiring The Right Commercial Cleaning Service

Employing a commercial cleaning service is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your company. Professional commercial cleaning services possess the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain your business’s cleanliness and hygienic conditions, which can boost staff morale, increase output, and foster a favourable consumer perception.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service may initially appear costly, but the advantages frequently surpass the expense.

Elevate Your Cleaning Standards Today With Conrad Maintenance Services 

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