When it comes to cleaning services, it’s easy to combine industrial and commercial services. After all, it all comes down to the fact that both services are about cleaning a workplace. While both services essentially focus on cleaning, they remain different types of cleaning services for different types of business premises. 

Knowing the difference between the two is vital for any business owners to make informed decisions about what’s best for their establishments. There are various factors to consider before deciding which cleaning service to use, like the scope, cost, and frequency.

If you’re looking for a cleaning service for your establishment, read more to learn the differences between industrial and commercial cleaning services so you can know what to expect.

What Is Industrial Cleaning Services

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Industrial cleaning deals with an establishment’s more hazardous and technical aspects for the sake of the staff’s health, safety, and cleanliness. The service is often done in facilities with machinery and equipment, like warehouses, manufacturing plants, and factories. For offices and other commercial buildings, industrial cleaning is recommended when they are newly opened, renovated, or moving.

Industrial cleaning specialises in machinery, equipment, and facilities and can be an extensive process. Professionals often deal with hazardous wastes and large, complex machines to ensure establishments’ facilities are safe to use again. Additionally, industrial cleaning services often use chemicals to disinfect or deodorise an area. 

Only trained and skilled professionals are trusted to do the service as they are knowledgeable and equipped with the right equipment and skillset to ensure your establishment meets the regulatory environmental and safety standards.

What Is Commercial Cleaning Services

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Commercial cleaning services are often performed in business and corporate settings. The service is done on a relatively small scale, and it can be done once every few months. You can expect a deep and thorough cleaning that includes vacuuming, mopping, and trash removal.

As commercial cleaning services deal with everyday spaces, their goal is to maintain a clean, sanitary, and safe environment for everyone. The service does not require special chemicals or equipment; commercial-grade cleaning equipment, products, and techniques are used instead.

Typically, establishment owners or building managers contract commercial cleaners to maintain the space according to commercial health and safety regulations. The cleaners are responsible for removing dirt, trash, and other substances that can damage the people working or visiting, the fixtures, and furnishings.

Industrial vs Commercial Cleaning Services: Key Differences

Both industrial and commercial cleaning services aim to maintain a safe and sanitary environment. However, they serve different establishments and businesses. Here are the key differences that set them apart.

Scope and Scale

In comparing the scope and scale of cleaning services, an industrial cleaning service deals with a much larger scope than a commercial cleaning service. This is because they specialise in cleaning spaces like factories, manufacturing plants, and warehouses.

Unlike industrial cleaning services, commercial cleaning services deal with everyday spaces, so they do not require extra or special equipment or chemicals during their cleaning.

Cleaning Objectives

While both have the same objectives of ensuring the space is clean and safe to use, the extent of it differs. 

For commercial cleaning, their objective is to maintain and ensure the everyday space is clean, safe, and hygienic for everyone. This includes cleaning the toilets, food pantries, eating areas, reception desk, and more. Doing so prevents food poisoning, contamination, and other illnesses, like a cold or fever, from spreading in the establishment.

However, industrial cleaning deals with hazardous and technical aspects of a facility. Not only do the cleaners need to ensure that the area and machines are clean and sanitary, but they also need to ensure it is safe. Dealing with hazardous wastes, chemicals, and technical machinery can be harmful, so the safety of the industrial area is emphasised to avoid accidents.

Specialised Services

Commercial cleaning services specialise in general cleaning to maintain its cleanliness with commercial-grade products and equipment. Their services include sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, wiping down surfaces, and throwing the trash out in all areas of an establishment.

Industrial cleaning services have a more extensive range of specialised services, as some facilities may require a more thorough cleaning or disinfection. Other services offered may include:

  • Pest control
  • Allergen cleans
  • High-level disinfection
  • Waste management
  • Mould removal
  • Site maintenance

Health and Safety Regulations

As commercial cleaning services are often done in commercial spaces like offices and retail businesses, the cleaners might be more familiar with adhering to commercial property’s health and safety regulations.

Industrial cleaners, on the other hand, are required to meet stricter health and safety regulations covering hazardous accidents and incidents. This also includes ensuring they follow environmental regulations to prevent harm to the environment.

Staffing and Training

Compared to commercial cleaning services, industrial ones require more skilled staff and professionals. As industrial cleaners deal with chemicals, machinery, and equipment, proper handling and understanding of the products and equipment are needed before cleaning.

However, industrial and commercial cleaners must go through training to learn about their cleaning products, equipment, and different cleaning techniques to get the best outcome. Regardless of the services, the staff must be reliable, professional, and trustworthy.

Cost Considerations

Industrial cleaning services are more costly than commercial cleaning services, but this is because the former offers specialised services on a larger scale. It also may take much longer to clean with proper products, equipment, and technique.

Commercial cleaning services cost less because they cover smaller areas, like offices or retail stores. They also do not require any specialised equipment or products to clean.

How To Choose The Right Cleaning Service For You

With a proper understanding of what an industrial or commercial cleaning service entails, you can finally decide on the best cleaning service for your business. Remember that there are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the right cleaning service, which includes:

  • The size and type of establishment or workplace
  • The scope of cleaning tasks
  • How often do you need your establishment cleaned

Whether it’s a commercial space or an industrial facility, choose one that is right for you, your staff, and your establishment. Investing in a trusted and reliable cleaning service is worth it to get the best results.

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