For every business, maintaining its surroundings in a hygienic and tidy manner is crucial. It is the duty of commercial cleaning firms to keep public spaces, retail establishments, and workplaces spotless and welcoming. 

Nevertheless, these businesses occasionally make preventable mistakes in their quest for perfect hygiene. From neglecting critical cleaning areas to underestimating the need for thoroughness, certain mistakes could undermine the standards they aim to keep.

Here, we explore the common pitfalls that commercial cleaning services should avoid at all costs. By recognising these mistakes, knowing what they mean, and taking steps to fix them, your workplace will be able to experience the full potential of a high-quality service from your commercial cleaning company. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the preventable mistakes that commercial cleaning companies should avoid. 

Not Knowing The Difference Between Disinfectant And Cleaner 

In terms of their intended uses, the two are fundamentally different. Cleaners concentrate on the cleanliness of surfaces and the elimination of dirt and debris. In contrast, disinfectants work to lessen or eradicate dangerous bacteria that might not be apparent to the naked eye.

The best method for keeping a clean and sanitary environment requires a two-step procedure. Firstly, use a cleaner to get rid of apparent dirt and dust on surfaces. Secondly, using a disinfectant to get rid of any pathogens that are still there. By adopting this dual strategy, contaminants are reduced, and sanitation is maintained.

Effective cleaning techniques depend on knowing the difference between disinfectants and cleaners. Using the right product at the right time not only cleans surfaces visually but also lowers the health risks that come with dangerous pathogens.

Using A Scour Sponge For Every Surface

cleaner wiping table

Many of us may reach for a scouring sponge as a universal approach to tackle different surfaces in our quest for cleanliness. While these sponges are excellent at getting rid of tough stains and dirt, using them on all surfaces does more harm than good.

For tough surfaces like ceramic cookware or some countertops, scouring sponges with abrasive materials work really well. However, using these sponges can result in abrasions, scratches, and irreversible damage on sensitive surfaces, such as: 

  • Glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Countertops with a delicate finish

It’s best for cleaners to use surface-specific cleaning tools in order to protect surfaces and guarantee thorough cleaning without damaging them or contaminating other areas. 

For fragile surfaces, use non-abrasive sponges or soft microfiber towels; scour sponges should only be used on durable surfaces that can tolerate their abrasiveness.

Using Sight To Ensure Cleanliness 

A multitude of surfaces may harbour microscopic bacteria and viruses. Thus, it’s not a good idea to rely just on your eyes to judge how clean your company’s kitchen countertops and tables are. 

It’s best to clean your surfaces thoroughly after every usage, or at the very least, at the end of the day, rather than presuming that they are clean. It would be best to consider using specialised cleaning services to clean your surfaces properly.

Disregard High Touch Surfaces

cleaning staff disinfecting lift

When it comes to commercial cleaning, one common mistake is to overlook high-touch areas such as: 

  • Light switches
  • Lift buttons
  • Doorknobs

If these spaces aren’t routinely cleaned, bacteria can spread, and people’s health may be compromised. Sanitation of high-touch surfaces can be greatly enhanced by following a systematic strategy.

Using The Wrong Tools Or Equipment 

Using the wrong cleaning tools or equipment can ruin surfaces and make the job less effective. When abrasive tools are used on delicate surfaces, there is a risk of scratches and deterioration. 

Likewise, the improper application of cleansing agents can fail to eliminate germs completely. Cleaners should match the right tools to the right jobs to ensure maximum performance and minimise damage.

Neglects Emptying The Bin Regularly 

Emptying the garbage bin is another cleaning method that is occasionally forgotten. Some might say that this wastes trash disposal bags, but you’ll end up in worse shape if you don’t do it.

Bad odours could emanate from only day-old rubbish because of decomposing food scraps or other materials. This could cause discomfort if the stench spreads over the entire space. In addition, the air could contain infectious microbes and dangerous particles.

In other words, make sure to get rid of your office trash bags at the end of the day for everyone’s health, safety, and happiness.

Scrubbing The Carpet 

Scrubbing up spills on carpet or upholstered office furniture is a rookie mistake that could leave permanent stains. Scrubbing spilt stains should be avoided at all costs. Instead of getting rid of spill stains, scrubbing them could help them set. 

As an alternative, cleaners need to identify the nature of the spill and then think about blotting it with an old towel or cloth. Blotting helps remove the stain safely and prevents it from spreading to your carpet or upholstered furniture when paired with an oxidiser or surfactant like dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.

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