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Anti-Microbial Coating

Anti-Microbial Coating is highly recommended as a supplementary preventive maintenance solution for a safe and hygienic workplace. Our non-toxic Anti-Microbial Coating creates a protective layer that is harmless, yet effective in killing 99.99% of germs and viruses. It is a cost effective way of keeping your workplace safe especially in high touch points such as lift buttons, touchscreen machines, door handles and light switches.

How do we protect your business?

Our team will conduct a site assessment to identify all the high touch areas that needs to be protected and design an execution plan to mist these targeted areas with Anti-Microbial Coating.

We also provide cleaning guidelines to the clients for these coated areas to ensure that efficacy of the coating is sustained. We use plant based eco-friendly materials that only require water for daily cleaning.

A quarterly maintenance check is conducted on these high touch areas to ensure these high touch areas remain safe and free from bacteria and viruses.

Why Choose Us ?

Our dedicated team offers quick response to your disinfecting needs for we understand that any disruption to your business is costly.

We are also committed to using best practices and innovative eco-friendly products to ensure value to our clients. We use innovative technology G3 Tech for our Anti-Microbial Coating solution. G3 Tech uses Photosensitize Polypeptide which is the building block for protein, a conjugated bio molecule, collectively denoted as PS-P. The technology has a reinforced in-built dual antimicrobial mechanism using light and antimicrobial peptides. The PS-P molecule is plants extracted and is activated by light and produces high amount of oxygen to kill the germs, PS-P is a non-toxic catalyst and safe grade molecule. As a catalyst, it does not lose the efficacy, it can continue to work and produce oxygen as long as it binds to the surface. It is the only globally known technology that can kills viruses without using toxin or chemical.

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