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Specialised Services

We can cater to specific services that require specialised technical know-how. Our experienced team can provide customised, ad-hoc cleaning & maintenance services to help our clients meet their stringent industry health and safety standards.

Our NEA certified teams are well equipped to provide the following services for your specific cleaning needs.

High Pressure Jet Wash
This is used for deep and thorough cleaning of exterior floors and walls.

High Glass Cleaning
We use pure water to clean the exterior high glass panel of up to 6m without scissor lift. This is a highly efficient, effective, and cost-efficient method.

Dry Carpet Cleaning
Our highly qualified teams employ the most advanced products and equipment to steam or dry clean the carpet to remove hidden pollutants, allergens, and bacteria. Regular maintenance and deep cleaning of carpet is highly recommended by experts to improve the quality of air in the workplace.

High Dusting
Our experienced certified team can provide detailed cleaning for areas that require special equipment and techniques to clean the nooks and crannies that are hard to reach.

Hard Floor & Stone Restoration  
Our experienced team is able to remove deep stains and restore shine to your marble, granite and ceramic floorings.

Emergency Responses
Our professional and highly trained teams provide a range of emergency cleaning services to help limit the risk and costly inconvenience that may arise out of these emergencies. Our services are highly versatile, and we aim to swiftly restore your commercial workplace or warehouse after unexpected emergencies caused by floods, spills, or accidents.

Other specific Customised Services
Our experienced and well qualified team stand ready to customised cleaning solution to meet your cleaning needs. (E.g Stone Restoration)


Our team is ready to serve your cleaning needs.